Off The Record: Grammy Careers Program Just May Have Launched One

This appeared in the Nashville Banner - May 24, 1996

Perhaps it was the "cool hair" that first made Marty Stuart think he and Wharton Middle School student Amanda Frank might have something in common. As it turned out, the generous star gave perhaps an up-and-coming one a moment to shine.

Students from Wharton--an arts magnet--assembled at the Hard Rock Cafe Thursday morning to hear Stuart and MCA Records Nashville President/fabulous producer Tony Brown talk about the music biz. It was the first in the Hard Rock Cafe Grammy Careers program that will introduce Metro students to key players in the industry.

Frank raised her hand to ask Stuart about the experience of being on stage versus in the studio. After he answered, he asked her if she was a musician. She indicated she was. "Talk to me," he replied with genuine interest, "what do you play?" When he found out she'd written "more than 200 songs," he asked her to sing one. "Here's your chance to be a star," Stuart mused, "don't blow it."

With microphone in hand, the poised 14-year-old middle schooler crooned a verse. Then Stuart asked her to repeat her name. "I'll remember that," he said.

By Beth Stein

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