On The Trail Searching For Home

This appeared in the Nashville Banner - October 28, 1994

Hey ladies, here's your chance to make Marty Stuart a happy man. All you have to do is find a warm place in your heart and a vacant spot in your home. How easy can it get?

Stuart is trying to find a home for a 2-year-old bloodhound named Jed, who currently resides at Animaland Humane Shelter in Williamson County. He was brought to the entertainer's attention by Stuart's manager, Bonnie Garner, an avid supporter of Animaland.

"I have one just like him--Oscar Lee Perkins," Stuart says during a break in the studio this week. "Oscar for Lonzo and Oscar, Lee for Jerry Lee Lewis and Perkins for Carl Perkins. He acts more like Jerry Lee, though."

"If you really want a natural-born entertainer, this dog is it," he continues, now talking about Jed, which Stuart named and paid to have vaccinated and neutered. Stuart says he would take the dog himself in a heartbeat but just can't right now. That's why he's on the phone trying to find Jed a good home. Garner is quick to add that if a bloodhound (even one named and fixed by a country music star) doesn't strike your fancy, Animaland has lots of other wonderful dogs and cats who need homes.

If you've got a fireplace, he's perfect," says Stuart, doing an effective heartstrings routine for this needy bloodhound. "There's nothing like a wad of lovable dog laying there at Christmas time. He's a great dog. He just needs somebody to pick him up and love him."

(Note: Animaland closed in 1997)

By Beth Stein

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