Marty Stuart Has Big Day

This appeared on - July 9, 2009

Philadelphia, Mississippi honored one of its favorite sons, singer-songwriter Marty Stuart, for his achievements on Marty Stuart Day. Stuart spent most of his life in Nashville, but still calls Philadelphia his hometown.

Stuart, and his wife, Connie Smith, performed at the 60th Annual Choctaw Indian Fair Thursday night.

"The integrity of the people here, the amount of love and dignity that these people in Neshoba County have is immeasurable in mind," said Stuart. "I am honored to be a Neshoba County person."

The day started on Highway 19 in the Arlington community where a new sign marking Marty Stuart Road was unveiled.

Stuart thanked all of those involved and those who came in honor of him the best way he knew, with a song. He was joined by his band "The Fabulous Superlatives", before the sign was unveiled.

"I still have a place, a farm down on this road," said Stuart. "When it's all said and done, they'll bring me back down this road, so this is home. I am so honored to have this sign here."

The day continued with the dedication of the new Marty Stuart exhibit in a room at the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Historical Museum.

"They asked me about doing an exhibit here at the Neshoba County Museum, which I was truly honored again. I wanted it to deal with the fact that it was, from the time I was born until the time I left home, which was when I was 13," Stuart said.

There are Marty Stuart artifacts all around the room, as well as video and music from his successful career.

Stuart has recorded seventeen albums, with six Top 10 hits and sixteen Top 40 hits to his credit.

By Stephen Bowers

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