Marty Stuart Honored

This appeared on - July 25, 2010

A ceremony was held Sunday at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds honoring Marty Stuart for his dedication to the state of Mississippi and country music. He now has the second Mississippi Country Music Trail Marker.

It was a day all about Marty Stuart. Jimmie Rodgers received the first Country music trail marker. And now, it's Stuart's turn. State officials agree, Stuart's hometown was the best location for his trail marker.

"Oh, it's just perfect. This is his hometown, near the Neshoba County Fair. All of the people here, the family and friends. It was the perfect spot for he and Connie to unveil it here in Neshoba County," says Mississippi's Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

"What an incredible experience, when you have someone like Marty, who you know went around as an eight-year-old selling Christmas cards and mowing yards to buy a guitar. Here's somebody that had a vision of what he wanted to do with his life at a very early age, starts playing with a group when he is 12. It's just an amazing success story. I hope it will be a motivation to all of the kids when they see someone who has a dream to never give up on it," exclaims Congressman Gregg Harper of Mississippi.

Stuart's talent and devotion to the state of Mississippi helped him to receive this honor. He put more than just a little effort into launching the project.

"He came to the capitol and literally lobbied members of the House and Senate and tried to explain to them just how important this would be from an economic development standpoint. And that's how we got the bill passed. He was there when we got the first marker down for Jimmie Rodgers. His is number two and it is well deserved," says Lt. Governor Bryant.

Officials, family, and friends all commend Stuart on his loyalty to his home state.

"It's an important part to point out all of those country roots that we have that come out of Mississippi. And he's such a great ambassador for the state of Mississippi. Wherever he goes he takes our state with him," says Congressman Harper.

Stuart also performed Sunday night with Merle Haggard at the MSU Riley Center. He was also honored by the Jimmie Rodgers Foundation with the announcement of his induction into the Blue Yodeler's Hall of Fame.

By Rachel Alig

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