Sneak Peak At The Sparkle And Twang Exhibit

This appeared on - June 30, 2010

"Sparkle and Twang is just the personality of country music." says singer/songwriter Jacky Jack White. "Country music has always had personality. Marty talks about it being full of characters...well, a lot of characters with character."

Starting July tenth everyone in Mississippi and Alabama can really understand just what Jackie Jack White is describing. That is, if they visit the Sparkle and Twang exhibit at the Riley Center. The Sparkle and Twang exhibit is Country music legend Marty Stuart's collection of personal celebrity memorabilia. But frankly, a "collection of memorabilia" hardly describes what this exhibit embodies.

Tennessee State Museum Curator Renee White said, "It really has a lot of historical and cultural values beyond just looking at pretty things and pretty clothes."

Sponsor Hartley Peavey said he was inspired by the video shown to those in attendance at today's press preview.

"They really need to see the video. In fact that's when I got excited about it."

Video: Jimmi Hendrix's boots are cool, but so are Johnny Cash's. I wonder where Patsy Cline's cowboy hat is. I found them. In thrift stores, pawn shops, family closets..."

The exhibit was first displayed in Nashville where over 80,000 people came to see it. It has been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Autry Museum in L.A. After five years on the road, Marty Stuart wanted to close the tour right here. Sponsors like the Jimmie Rodgers Foundation and Peavey Electronics helped to make that possible.

"I'm hoping that this exhibit will help develop what I call musical tourism." said Peavey

Peavey's hopes are shared by many. It is a show like this that brings great revenue not just to Meridian, but to Mississippi and the South as a whole.

By Jessica Dealy

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