A Day Of Honoring Country Music

This appeared on WTOK-TV - February 15, 2009

Country Singers Marty Stuart and Connie Smith Stuart say they are happy to be back in Mississippi. Marty Stuart is a native of Philadelphia and came to Meridian to share the moment of honoring the legacy of country music.

"But one of the stops along the way is of course Jimmie Rodgers Museum and I've been traveling throughout the state started in Jackson this week, talking about the initiation of the country music trail. Stop number one being Jimmie Rodgers," said country music singer Marty Stuart.

That legacy first being created by Meridian native Jimmie Rodgers, who many deem the father of country music. But some would also call Marty Stuart the favorite son of country music.

Standing in front of this monument at the Jimmie Rodgers Music, Stuart says he's honored to be walking in the shadow of Rodgers as he now is becoming more of a spokesperson for country music, which he says is the footprint of his heart.

"Coming from Mississippi I was touched and remain to be touched by all the music that came from here and still emulates from this state. But you know at the end of the day if I pass away tomorrow the first two words will say country singer Marty Stuart. It was country music that touched my heart," said Stuart.

The Jimmie Rodgers Foundation sponsored a brunch honoring Stuart and his wife. It was announced Stuart is now an honorary board member of the Foundation.

"It's great to shine the light on some things that perhaps need new light shining on it," said Stuart.

Stuart and his wife, along with others in the community witnessed the unveiling of the first star on the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center Walk of Fame in front of the Riley Center. Jimmie Rodgers is the pioneer and the first star of more to come.

And the evening ended with Stuart's performance at the MSU Riley Center. He even had his wife join him in a song.

Stuart is heading back to Nashville Monday and performing at the Grand Ole Opry next weekend.

By Temetria Conner

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