Marty Stuart: Country Music's Biggest Fan

This appeared on - January 20, 2000

Not only is Marty Stuart one of country music's most dynamic performers but he is also one of its biggest fans. Over the years, he has amassed a huge collection of records, artifacts, and memorabilia associated with a bewildering number of country-music performers. Stuart's collection ranges in size from the tiny fishing lure that belonged to Johnny Horton to Ernest Tubb's huge old touring bus, which Stuart still uses when he goes on the road. Other items include a large number of fancy rhinestone-studded stage costumes made by rodeo tailors like Nudie and Turk as well as dozens of hand-tooled cowboy boots. He also has a huge collection of instruments, including a guitar that purportedly belonged to Hank Williams. Stuart doesn't just hoard the wealth, though. Much of his collection is on display at various museums and exhibits, including the Country Music Hall of Fame.

By Michael Simmons

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