Rhinestone Romance: Country Couples For The Ages

This appeared in The Seattle Times - July 31, 2006

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith: He of the blinding rhinestone jackets and she of "Once A Day" fame. She scored a hit with that song in the '60s (it spent eight weeks at No. 1) and stayed on the charts throughout the '70s.

Tied the knot: On July 8, 1997 on an Indian reservation. It was Stuart's second marriage (his first was to Cindy Cash, one of Johnny's daughters); her fourth.

Offspring output: None together. Smith has kids from her previous marriages.

Rocky road? More like a freeway -- no probs to report. Matter of fact, Stuart has admitted to liking Smith when he was a teen and she was, well not. There's a 17-year age difference, but love knows no age, right?

Offstage interests: Stuart produced Smith's 1998 self-titled comeback album, and while it sat well with critics, it didn't make much of a dent on the charts.

Duet to download: The two have yet to record an official duet, but they've written many songs together, including another duet "Farmer's Blues," an exceptional cut from Stuart's Country Music CD. He sings it with another partner: longtime friend Merle Haggard.

By Malcolm Mayhew

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