Marty Stuart

This appeared in the St. Louis Riverfront Times - October 5, 2012

Every morning, Marty Stuart wakes up, looks in the mirror and pinches himself. The diminutive country star hasn't had a hit in decades, but he knows he has it all: the best band (the Fabulous Superlatives), the best outfits (nothing but sharp Nudies and spangled Manuels), the best mullet (a silver, spiked mane), the best marriage (to the best country singer, in his eyes, Connie Smith) and the best record deals (with the freedom to cut gospel, honky-tonk, hillbilly rock and tributes to the Lakota people). The Dean of the "new traditionalists," Stuart has been on a musical winning streak all his life — and he's never forgotten how lucky he is.

Listen For: The harmonies of these singers. They aren't called the Superlatives for nothing.

By Roy Kasten

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