Roger McGuinn, Marty Stuart To Share Poway Center Stage on October 11

This appeared in the Pomerado News - October 3, 2013

The Byrds founder Roger McGuinn and country music legend Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives will be performing a combined show for one night only, as part of the POW! Foundation’s 2013-14 Professional Performance season.

“I think the show will be a shared experience that everyone, including the audience, walks away from with their hearts full,” said Stuart.

This isn’t the first time McGuinn and Stuart have performed together. “I’ve played with Marty Stuart before, at the Grand Ole Opry and on his TV show [The Marty Stuart Show],” said McGuinn.

“Roger is someone I admired as a musical pioneer, a rock and roll legend,” said Stuart. “It seems as if [his music] has been a part of my life since I was a little kid.” When the two met, they “clicked,” said Stuart, and decided to go out and do some shows together.

“The great thing about playing with Marty,” said McGuinn, “is that he has [former Byrds bandmate] Clarence White’s guitar. When I play with Marty, it’s like being back in the Byrds.” McGuinn added that he and Stuart’s musical styles “meshed well.”

The show will be a composite of McGuinn and Stuart’s music, with McGuinn and Stuart each playing some of their music, then collaborating as well. “This is me and the band’s excuse to get together with Roger, and do some of our favorite songs,” said Stuart. “Roger plays and sounds exactly like [he does] on a record. For a bunch of music heads like us, it’s like being kids in a candy store.”

While some of you might be unfamiliar with McGuinn’s name, you most likely know his music. One of the founders of the famous genre-spanning folk band The Byrds, along with Gene Clark and David Crosby, McGuinn is responsible for songs like “Mr. Tambourine Man,” and “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

McGuinn went solo in 1973, then rejoined Gene Clark and Chris Hillman, before going solo again in 1981. McGuinn said he’s been touring solo ever since, traveling with wife and tour manager Camilla. “I always travel with my wife when I tour,” said McGuinn. “It’s been like a 35-year honeymoon.” McGuinn said he’s working on releasing a new CD of a recorded 2012 concert, and biopic DVD.

Stuart also has a long and storied musical history. The five-time Grammy-winner began his career performing in the Grand Ole Opry at the age of 13 with Lester Flatt. “That’s about as country as you can get,” said Stuart.

“[Performing in the Grand Ole Opry as a teenager] was like joining the circus, or joining the Navy and running away from home.”

When he’s not keeping busy performing, Stuart is the host of his own music variety show, “The Marty Stuart Show,” which is about to enter its sixth season. He also is about to finish recording three albums at once, said Stuart.

By Emily Sorensen

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