Marty Stuart

This appeared on - May 9, 2001

Over 1 million artifacts have been painstakingly moved from the old Hall of Fame to the new, and some 2,000 additional items that will share the new building with these priceless objects belong to Grand Ole Opry star, Marty Stuart. Over the years, Marty has become a world-class collector of Country Music artifacts and memorabilia. Beginning with a guitar that belonged to his friend and mentor, Lester Flatt, Marty began to collect anything he could get his hands on that had any historical significance to Country Music. Marty explained that his hobby gradually became an obsession, and he assures, an expensive one at that!

At one point, practically every penny he earned went towards whatever he could find that was worth having, whether it was an instrument, original lyrics to a song, a Nudie Suit, or some other article of clothing. Today, Marty possesses an entire warehouse full of these priceless treasures, and he has chosen to turn over some of his best pieces to the new Hall of Fame, an arrangement Kyle Young described as "a long term loan." Marty and his many great items will have its own display, featuring a video screen that will show Marty telling a few of his collecting stories and other background information on some of the items. On behalf of all the fans, thanks a lot Marty!

By Mike Bronco

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