Live Pick: Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival

This appeared in the Palm Beach Post - May 12, 2006

You have to admire someone who has the kind of respect for an art's tradition the way Marty Stuart has for country music. If you read his bio on his Web site, you'll note that Stuart has made a habit of collecting some of Nashville's most famous items -- the last boots Patsy Cline ever wore, Johnny Cash's first black outfit, the manuscript to "Your Cheatin' Heart."

That kind of respect, of course, translates to his music. Stuart has an almost reverently old-school style to his sound -- he's a wonderful guitar player and an excellent songwriter. And it shouldn't surprise people that he's part of Hollywood's Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival this weekend on Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk.

Stuart's the headliner, but bluegrass fans -- and I've met quite a few in this area -- won't limit themselves to just the star. Other acts, from Pine Mountain Railroad to Southern Shores to Lake City Slickers, will bring their different takes on a music almost as old as the hills themselves.

By Jonathan Tully

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