Marty Stuart To Perform New Music In Niobrara

This appeared in the Norfolk Daily News - October 3, 2013

He has played with Johnny Cash, is a five-time Grammy winner, a platinum recording artist and a Grand Ole Opry star.

Marty Stuart has forayed into nearly every area of country music, in addition to his work as a memorabilia preservationist, stylist, designer and photographer.

Now the all-around Renaissance man and charismatic force of nature is embarking on a new chapter in music, his latest album Ghost Train (The Studio B Sessions).

ďIím always on the prowl for the kinds of recordings that can inspire and potentially make a difference,Ē Stuart said. ďWhat inspires me now is traditional country music. Itís the music I most cherish, the culture in which I was raised. Itís the bedrock upon which the empire of country music is built, the empowering force that provides this genre with lasting credibility. Itís beyond trends and itís timeless.

ďWith all that being said, I found traditional country music to be on the verge of extinction. Itís too precious to let slip away. I wanted to attempt to write a new chapter.Ē

Northeast Nebraskans will get a chance to hear some of Stuartís newest music, as well as fan favorites, when he performs at Ohiya Casino in Niobrara on Saturday, October 5, at 8 p.m. at the Four Winds Event Center.

Stuartís new music on Ghost Train includes such unmitigated country staples as the male-female duet, the dramatic recitation, bluesy train songs and guitar-driven, hardcore heartbreak ballads.

The conditions of everyday working life in the 21st century are addressed once again, as they have needed addressing so often throughout country musicís history.

ďWhen country music is doing its job, it reports on the good, bad and indifferent of our human condition. When times are good, we have tunes to dance to; when times are tough, weíre supposed to talk about it. Thatís country music,Ē Stuart said.

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