Marty Stuart Concert And Book Signing At The Mary C On Wednesday

This appeared on - November 9, 2012

Grammy award-winning country music icon Marty Stuart will appear in a live performance on the Mary C stage for one night only on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Joined by his wife and Country Music Hall of Fame performer Connie Smith, it is a family affair as Marty pays tribute to his mother, Hilda Stuart, promoting her recently released book Choctaw Gardens.

Choctaw Gardens is an extraordinary book of photographs which captures life's seemingly arbitrary moments in a gripping and intimate way, giving viewers insight into southern life from the late 1940s to modern day.

Mississippi Delta Photographer Maude Schuyler Clay asserts that "Hilda Stuart possesses a discerning and loving archivist's photographic eye." "With clarity and wisdom, Choctaw Gardens is a brilliant body of imagery about Hilda Stuart's home state of Mississippi and her virtuoso son," states distinguished scholar and folklorist Tom Rankin, who also contributed to the foreword of Choctaw Gardens. The book also features Marty's father, John, and his sister, Jennifer, both of who will be present at the performance, autographs and book release.

Hilda Stuart, Marty's mother, is the author of the new book Choctaw Gardens. Choctaw Gardens can be purchased for $38.

By Mississippi Press Staff

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