Willie Wilson (Marty Stuart)

This appeared in the Fan Fair Program - June 1996

In 1992, Willie Wilson came to Nashville from Dallas, Texas to study the music business at Belmont University. Working part time with Marty's fan club since 1993, Willie graduated this past December and is now a full-time employee at Marty Stuart's office. Willie shares the joy of his new music business career.

"At Fan Fair, we've got a booth that we've had for two years and each year we change the artwork to reflect the upcoming or latest album. With a new album coming out in mid-June, we are gearing up for the release with new merchandise and a banner of the album cover that Marty will use for photo opportunities with fans. Just getting all the new merchandise ready for Fan Fair has been a task. From ball caps and T-shirts to bandannas and magnets, all of this stuff has to be planned out, ordered and stocked in time for the fans.

"We'll have lots of fun in our booth this year. In addition to the times Marty will be there signing, Marty's band, The Rock and Roll Cowboys, will be there on one of the days. Marty's sister, Jennifer, is going to come in and help us. Preparing our booth has taken up so many hours--it's worth it when you see the smiles on the faces of Marty's fans at Fan Fair. We're excited for it to get started because to know Marty's fans is to know Marty."

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