Marty Stuart

Quotable Quotes

This appeared in the Fan Fair Program - June 1994

It is appropriate that Country Music observers often point to Marty Stuart as the past, present and future of Country Music. His contemporary style of Country Music encompasses elements of bluegrass, gospel and honky tonk and is deeply rooted in music that flourished before he was born.

"What I learned from Roy Acuff.....I sat down next to him and said, 'You've been through three or four wars with your music and you've made it survive. Who do you think is going to last now?' He said, 'The ones that know how to entertain...Beyond that, you've got to keep yourself affordable to where everybody can come see your show and everybody can buy your records. If you made a T-shirt with your face on it, make sure people can afford it. That's the way you stay in the game. It's not always being number one that counts. It's always being there.' "

"My mom is my best friend. Life is just too short and, all the time I've been on the road, I've never taken one phone conversation or one meal or one minute in her presence for granted ... Sometimes when you get kicked and banged around by the world out there, we all take it like grown men, but we ain't nothing but little boys in our hearts. To have the luxury of going to momma's house and sitting down and having a meal with her and just talking ... And sometimes that chicken leg or that hug makes everything all right, and it gives you the courage and the hope and the faith to get back out there and fight some more."

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