Nashville Entertainer Marty Stuart Jams Late At Night In Nashville

This appeared on - June 7, 2012

Nashville country singer and entertainer, Marty Stuart, has often scheduled a late-night musical jam when the CMA Fest comes to town. This year was no exception, and we have some photos we can share from this year's event.

Marty, who is a member of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and his lovely wife, singer Connie Smith, sometimes sing together as a duo, but most other times alone, with their own bands. Marty's band is The Superlatives, and Connie has her own set of musicians who back her up when she sings.

We've been in attendance at the live TV show taping of The Marty Stuart Show which is filmed at the Warmer Brothers studios in Nashville, for the RFD-TV network. With a limited amount of guests in the audience, the music and steps are lively as Marty and The Superlatives perform and put on a show, then Connie Smith will join him, plus a variety of other musical guests from around town.

If you ever have an occasion to attend a Marty Stuart show, you will surely be entertained with his music and his antics as he relates with his audience.

By Nancy Goodman

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