Sounds Of Texas Committee Meeting On 2009 Shows

This appeared in The Courier of Montgomery County - May 15, 2008

“I got a pocket full of money, got the top rolled down
Yeah, the hi-fi’s pumping, tell ya where I’m bound
Down home, they got some pretty little women
Down home, make you glad you’re alive

Down home, they’re just as sweet as honey
Down home, from the honey bee hive
I’m gonna keep on a rollin’, till I see that sign
Just as quick as a pistol, I’ll cross that county line

Down home, there’s a hound dog howlin’
Down home, ‘neath the front porch swing
Down home, makes a poor boy feel
Down home, like a hillbilly king”

– “Down Home”/Marty Stuart

Well the accolades keep coming in on the May 3, 2008 Marty Stuart Concert at the Crighton Theatre.

The general consensus is that it was hands down the best concert in the nine-year history of the Sounds of Texas Music Series and more than likely the best musical performance ever in the historic Crighton Theatre.

I know the show was a perfect match for the grand ole venue! Marty and his world class cohorts, the Fabulous Superlatives, with their angelic harmonies, wonderful lead vocals and unparalleled pickin’ and musicianship fit the Crighton’s intimate setting and remarkable acoustics to a “T.” This unbelievable acoustic (unplugged) concert was only the second time they had performed in that format ever. Well, it definitely worked and I hope he is brought back to Conroe in the near future.

Well speaking of the Crighton Theatre and the Sounds of Texas Music Series, the music committee is already meeting to work on the 2009 Series lineup. It will be the 10th anniversary of the critically acclaimed music series and plans call for this next season to be very special.

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