Marty Stuart, Pam Tillis Canceled At Akron Civic Over 'Scheduling Conflicts'

This appeared on - September 10, 2013

Marty Stuart and Pam Tillis, two of country music’s royalty, were supposed to be in Northeast Ohio on Sunday, with a show at the venerable Akron Civic Theatre.

Now, due to the infamous “scheduling conflicts,’’ that’s not going to happen.

Here is the entirety of the release, issued shortly after 11 a.m.:

“We are sad to announce that the Marty Stuart/Pam Tillis show scheduled for Sunday, September 15, 2013, has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts. No re-scheduled date has been announced. Refunds at point of purchase.’’
Historically, “scheduling conflicts’’ has been a euphemism for “the tickets ain’t selling,’’ and it doesn’t matter if the genre is country, rock or polka.

A spokesperson for the venue declined to confirm that, of course. But the clues – the cancellation was announced just five days prior to the show, and Stuart already had done an interview (with ME!) would seem to indicate that.
One of the things Stuart talked about was his role as a sort of caretaker for traditional country music in a world where the genre has been taken over by driving guitars, wah-wahs, John Bonham-drums, etc.

“Maybe it’s a self-anointed title,’’ Stuart said in a call to his home outside Nashville. “It’s something I had a talk with myself about seven or eight years ago.

“ ‘Your piggy-bank’s full, you’re married to the girl you love [the great Connie Smith], you’ve got the coolest Telecaster in the world. What do you believe in?’’’

That would be traditional country music, where the twang overrules the bang.

“Till the day I die, this is what will touch me the deepest and the most,’’ Stuart told me. “From a renegade perspective, the most outlaw thing you can do in Nashville today is play traditional country music.’’

“What never goes away is the authentic stuff.’’

Unless a scheduling conflict – like folks can’t seem to schedule the time to buy a ticket – crops up.


By Chuck Yarborough

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