CD By Cadillac Native Nominated For Grammy

This appeared in The Cadillac News - December 23, 2006

Country singer and musician Brian Glenn (Nolf) is coming home for Christmas. And when he arrives, he brings good news.

Last week his band, Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, was nominated for a 2007 Grammy in the category of Best Bluegrass Album.

Maria-Elena Orbea, Marty Stuart's personal assistant, called The Cadillac News to spread the word about this unexpected honor.

The most amazing thing about the album, she explained, is that they didn't even know their live performance was being recorded. It was all just sort of a fluke. But when Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives performed live that night, along with Stuart Duncan, Charlie Cushman, Uncle Josh Graves and Eddie Stubbs, something magical happened.

Marty Stuart recalled the summer of 2003, when suddenly a concert appeared on his schedule that he had forgotten about.

After a disappointing summer tour, Stuart came off the road to “lick my wounds and try to figure out a way to salvage my dream.”

His assistant, Orbea, reminded him of the upcoming bluegrass show at the Ryman in Nashville. He had forgotten about it.

He called four of his favorite musicians to join him and his Superlatives for the show. They rehearsed for 20 minutes and walking onto the stage he said, “I hate being thought of as an unrehearsed, half-baked bluegrass band.” They decided to play music and have fun.

“I had no idea that he (soundman) recorded the concert,” Stuart admitted. But after listening to the tape, he realized “it was special.”

Critics agreed. And on February 11 at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Marty Stuart and his band, along with Brian Glenn of Cadillac, will be there to see if they win the prize.

“Glenn's become quite a sought-after vocalist in Nashville,” said Orbea. “He's a dynamite bass player and he's branched out to play upright bass. Vocally he is amazing. He's definitely a hometown boy that's come a long way.”

By Mardi Suhs

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