Marty Stuart, Good Samaritan

This appeared on - May 29, 2007

Marty Stuart was hailed as a Good Samaritan for coming to the aid of a young girl after a car crash Friday. Nashville's WSMV-TV reports that a double-rollover wreck left 4-year-old Elisha Rodgers standing alone while her grandparents were being treated. Marty, authorities said, saw the girl standing next to the crash and stopped to see if he could help.

"It was a horrible-looking wreck," Marty said. "You know how we all do, just gawk and go on. This little girl standing by the weeds holding her stick horse caught my eye all by itself. I thought, 'Uh oh.' I immediately thought about my granddaughter. She looked like she just needed a friend. I was glad I got to pass by, and I did what anybody in this world would have done, just simply stop."

Elisha's grandmother was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment while her grandfather suffered cuts and bruises.

Officer Terry Spence of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, police said the emergency personnel appreciated Marty's help. "He was there for almost an hour. He just talked to this little girl, held her hand. She'll probably never have a clue who he is, but to see him care about this child, it was just an unbelievable sight," he said.

Marty said he just did what any good neighbor would do. "We shared a Coca-Cola. I found out what her horse's name was and about her family and her school. She was actually on her way fishing. Her fishing pole did not get broken. She was just an awesome little girl."

Elisha was not injured in the crash. Police said she was safely fastened into her car seat.

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