'Marty Party' Is Saturday

This appeared in The Central City Times Argus - August 30, 1995

The countdown is in its final stages for this Saturday's Homecoming VIII concert featuring Marty Stuart and the excitement is building in anticipation of Muhlenberg County's first "Marty Party" experience.

"I think everyone is genuinely excited about having one of the top artists in country music today as part of the Homecoming VIII show," said Mike Mercer, Everly Brothers Foundation board member. "Marty Stuart has earned the reputation as one of the most fan-friendly acts in the business and has loyal friends following to prove it. We know, because plenty of them have been calling for tickets."

Stuart, famous for top country hits like "Hillbilly Rock" and "Tempted," joins concert host and Muhlenberg County native Don Everly of the legendary Everly Brothers and rising stars Brian O'Neal and Kentucky Thunder on the show bill. The concert begins at 5:30 p.m. at the activities field behind the Central City Elementary School which is located on Highway 431 North in Central City.

Dianne Burch, executive secretary for the Everly Brothers Foundation, reported Monday that all ticket outlets had reported an increase in ticket and button sales in recent days. Tickets and special All-Events buttons are $15. The all-Events buttons are good for admission to any Central City Music Festival event, including Fun Productions and the Homecoming VIII show. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, the Chamber of Commerce, or at any Muhlenberg County bank. Tickets, concert T-shirts and information is also available at the Everly Brothers Foundation office in the Central City City Hall.

All proceeds from Homecoming VIII benefit the Everly Brothers Foundation which, to date, has funded college scholarships totaling nearly $50,000 for 47 Muhlenberg County students. The foundation, in conjunction with the City of Central City and Madisonville Community College, is also working to develop a 84-acre tract of land as the site of the Muhlenberg County satellite campus for the college, and amphitheater, music museum and indoor theatre.

"We are very proud of the goals we have accomplished over the past seven years," said Joe Ben Tucker, chairman of the Everly Brothers Foundation. "The credit for this goes to the hundreds of volunteers who buy tickets but choose to stand out in 90-degree weather year in and year out flipping hamburgers or collecting tickets or parking cars while the rest of the crowd is enjoying the show. It's an amazing thing," Tucker added. "There are a lot of goals that we still have ahead of us that we all would like to see become reality. Saturday is a big night for us to see if we can go ahead with those plans.

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