Fans Get Early Start On Party

This appeared in The Central City Times-Argus - September 6, 1995

Homecoming fans are famous for their early arrivals at the concert site and this year was no different. Tammy Carnithan, 26, of Moorman and her sister Pennie Oley, 25 of Greenville were the first in line at 11 a.m.--some six and one-half hours before the concert began. "I wanted to get a good seat--front row center--I'm a big fan of his (Marty Stuart)," said Carnithan.

Not far behind was Christy Gish, 38, of Central City who got in line at 12 noon with a friend. "I love Marty Stuart, his looks. I like his singing. I see his videos all the time on TV," she explained. Gish was attending her third Homecoming concert.

Ruth Schmitt, 32, of Evansville, Indiana and her daughter Brandi, 12, were also among the early arrives. "I like everything about Marty. I've traveled to Nashville, St. Louis and Indianapolis to see Marty in concert. I saw Marty before he was a big star," explained Mrs. Schmitt who has seen the country star in concert 12 times since June.

Coming all the way from Ontario, Canada was Vanessa Leslie, 27, who spent 18 hours driving by herself along the 1,200-mile route to Central City. "I'm here to see Don Everly. I've been an Everly Brothers fan since I was eight. I heard about the concert through the Everly Brothers Fan Club. I love Kentucky--this is where they're from--their music is Kentucky. The state song of Kentucky should be 'Kentucky,' an Everly Brothers tune," she said.

Susan Remmy, 33, of Cincinnati, Ohio has seen Marty nine times since May. "I came to see Marty. He's a lot of fun. His show changes all the time--people think we go and see the same show each time and that's not true. His music is true traditional country. He started out with Lester Flatt and Johnny Cash. He's trying to let the people know the true roots of country music," said Remmy.

She came to the concert with Tracie Reaves, 28, of Ft. Thomas, who heard about the concert through the Marty Stuart Hotline.

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