Marty Stuart

This appeared in Country Spectacular - 1993

When Marty Stuart signed with MCA, he had a vision of a perfect musical world - one in which the work of the masters of hillbilly music lives on in the music of a new young artist. Now, with the release of This One's Gonna Hurt You, the hillbilly crusader has finally come home, successful in his quest. "I finally got the past, present, and future together on this album," he says, "and I'm real proud of it."

The album's third cut and first single, "This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time)," features Stuart in a duet with Travis Tritt. Their collaboration on record is an outgrowth of their highly successful No Hats Tour, which includes more than a hundred dates stretching from 1991 all through 1992.

The roots of Stuart's musical integrity run back to his experiences with Flatt. "One show in particular made a mark on my career," he recalls. "We were playing Michigan State. The opening act was Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, then Lester, then the Eagles. That showed me you could play country music and just stand and do what you do. We were Martians to this audience, but they loved us. I never thought I would see country music go to college campuses again, but half of these No Hat shows we're doing are on campuses and we're selling out. In that sense, I do feel like a pioneer. I love being a part of that."

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