Stuart Could Use More Music, Less Talk

Indian Ranch, Webster, MA, August 23, 1998

This appeared on Country Standard Time's website - August 1998

Marty Stuart may have entertained the crowd with mostly rockabilly style songs but, while telling some interesting stories, he did not fit enough music into his 75-minute set Sunday.

Starting with "Anything You Asked Me To" and "Gotta Do My Time," it wasn't until the fun-loving drinking song "This Whiskey Ain't Workin," that the crowd sang along. "Whiskey" was followed by a lengthy story of how Stuart and Travis Tritt--with whom he recorded the hit--became friends. Stuart poked some fun at his buddy Tritt's shortcomings, but made up for it when he nominated him as the Mayor of Webster.

Stuart got back into first gear rockabilly form with the musically interchangeable "Country Girls" and "Western Girls." He demonstrated his talent as a bluegrass musician, playing mandolin on the intro to "Oh, What A Silent Night." Stuart also introduced a song off an upcoming album called "Hobo's Prayer," written from the perspective of a homeless freight train drifter.

One of the most entertaining parts of Stuart's show was the acoustic set. Stuart paid homage to singers like George Jones, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. The half-talk, half-music set, which can usually grow tired on an audience, did the opposite. Many fans did not fail to show their support as Stuart proudly stated the names of these country music legends.

As the Rock N Roll Cowboys came back on stage, Stuart sang "Hillbilly Rock," one of his signature songs. Stuart showed why he is one of country music's most unique performers, putting a mix of blues, bluegrass and especially rockabilly into his songs. Now if only he could sing more songs and talk less.

Review written by Jeffrey B. Remz

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