Tritt, Stuart Bring Their Brand Of "Country" To Amphitheater

This appeared in The Virginian Pilot - July 22, 1996

Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart pretty much rocked the Virginia Beach Amphitheater Sunday night. You know going in that you are in for some excitement and the Sunday show did not disappoint.

The duo began with "Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best." That pretty much set the pace and introduced the entertainment coming up. While the pair gets equal billing, there is no doubt that Tritt is the star. He gets the videos, the light show, the platform and the largest chunk of adulation. His is the bigger voice, but Stuart is the more versatile entertainer. Give him an instrument with strings and he's off and running.

The show began with the pair--paired down to one as Stuart took over, then the couple paired again, then it was Tritt, and then the return of the pair. After a while, you lose track of how many songs they sing about country--"Country Girls" and "Now That's Country" are two. The boys are obviously mindful of their audience.

"Hillbilly" was not forgotten. They performed "Hillbilly Heaven" and "Hillbilly Rock." Although the accent was up-tempo, an audience favorite was "Anymore." That was sung during quiet time, just the guys, while the band members took a break.

The recent releases mixed with hits of the past. Tritt and Stuart are always a hit when they get wild. They often thanked their fans for joining them, and they were thankful to the weatherman for his cooperation. And there was "Thanks To You," a new video release scheduled for release this week on TNN and CMT.

The amphitheater was about three quarters filled and the fans were brimmed with excitement. Stuart, at one point, mentioned that he enjoyed the idea of singing outdoors. So, everybody seemed happy--stars, fans and the people at the ticket office.

Review written by Frank Roberts

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