Review: Marty Stuart At Bass Hall

This appeared in the Dallas Star-Telegram - November 12, 2014

Like a cold beer chased with a shot of stout whiskey, Merle Haggard and Marty Stuart delivered a satisfying one-two punch of traditional country music to Bass Hall Wednesday night.

Stuart, his signature silver mane standing at attention, and his razor-sharp band, the Fabulous Superlatives, tore into his hour-long set with a gusto bordering on mania. “How beautiful is country music at Bass Hall?” asked Stuart.

Pulling from his just-released double album, Saturday Night / Sunday Morning, and weaving in some genuinely astonishing mandolin work — he reeled off a solo instrumental that was absolutely breathtaking — Stuart’s performance was a vivid reminder that not all modern country acts have forsaken Nashville’s artistic history.
Stuart acknowledged as much during his take on George Jones’ Old, Old House: “Time’s left a wreckage where once there was beauty.”

Perhaps, but thankfully, there are still artists — and legends like Haggard — very much capable of reminding us all about that splendor.

By  Preston Jones

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