There's Plenty Of Good And Bad In Our Own Backyard

This appeared on Times & Transcript - November 18, 2009

Anyone who was at the Capitol Theatre last Wednesday was treated to a fantastic evening of music and storytelling. Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives put on an excellent acoustic show blending country music, folk, bluegrass, rock and gospel.

Featuring Marty on guitar and mandolin, Harry Stinson on snare drum, Kenny Vaughan on guitar, Paul Martin on bass and all four on vocals, the band showcased its excellent singing and playing abilities, with Marty in particular wowing the audience with some rip-roaring mandolin work.

The line of the night from Mr. Stuart may have been: "We did something real unique in Nashville recently. We made a country album." There was no pretty pop music or pop-country at this show. Last Wednesday's performance was a real, traditional country concert.

Marty noted the beauty of Moncton's Capitol Theatre and said he was really happy to be back in Moncton. Then he quipped, "But after 31 hours on a bus, we're happy to be anywhere!"

There was a great crowd in attendance. Marty and the boys got everyone moving a few times, but I think the reason the crowd was a little reserved at times was simply so they wouldn't miss a note of the music.

I'm not sure if the show was sold out or not, but I suspect word of it will likely spread, and if Marty ever returns, tickets will be in high demand.

By Eric Lewis

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