Stuart To Produce For Smith

This appeared on - June 5, 1996

Marty Stuart has a tour and a new album coming out later this month, and he's also squeezing in another project he's very proud of. He says Connie Smith approached him one night at the Grand Ole Opry and asked him to produce her first album after a long time away from recording, while she was raising her children. Stuart grew up listening to Smith because she was his moms' favorite singer, and he says it's wonderful to have the chance to bring her to new audiences' attention. Smith, Stuart and Warner Brothers aren't worried about how Smith's records will sell in a market dominated by younger artists. Stuart says the label told him to make a record of "incredible music," and then they'd worry how to market it. Smith's album is due out later this year. Stuart's current single is "Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best."

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