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This appeared in the Calgary Sun - February 25, 1998

It's nice to see Marty Stuart, a hard-working musician who's certainly paid his dues, celebrated in this special. The Life and Times of Marty Stuart airs tonight at 6 p.m. on \ and tells the fascinating story of this child star who has matured into one of Nashville's most respected stars.

Stuart was the LeAnn Rimes of his time. He was only 12 years old when he hit the road with Lester Flatt. It was also at this tender age that Stuart met for the first time his future wife, Connie Smith.

The self-described hillbilly picker talks about how he wore a new yellow shirt, hoping to grab the attention of the young star. Years later, Smith teamed up with Stuart on a professional level, which turned into love.

Stuart also talks about his great respect for Johnny Cash, and marrying his daughter Cindy, a union that did not last.

Travis Tritt and The Mavericks' Robert Reynolds are among those singing the praises of Stuart. "It's no accident that Marty is friends with every living country music legend," says Reynolds.

Many of the legends who have passed away have willed their memorabilia to Stuart, who greatly respects country music's roots.

His collections are even profiled in museums.

By Anika Van Wyk

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