Marty Stuart - Hillbilly Rock (MCA Music Video)

This appeared in Country Weekly - May 17, 1994

I don't know if I've ever seen anyone enjoy what they do for a living as much as Marty Stuart seems to enjoy performing country music. Need proof? Then check out Hillbilly Rock, the collection of eight short-form videos Stuart has made since signing with MCA Records.

What sets a Marty Stuart video apart from most? Chemistry. This guy has chemistry with just about everything and everybody in these videos--his band, the camera, actors and dancers, and even Travis Tritt.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the clip for "Now That's Country," Stuart's ode to front porches, hayfields and love. Stuart's passion for this way of life is so evident and effective on this video that if Eva Gabor from Green Acres had heard Marty sing this, she would have forgotten all about Park Avenue and penthouse views.

Rockabilly hits "Cry, Cry, Cry" and "Hillbilly Rock" are a lot of fun and will have you wearing out your rewind button.

Marty Stuart is having such a blast in his videos and is so natural on camera, I bet even the film from his early birthday parties and footage from his vacations are pretty good.

By Bruce Curtis

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