Bouncers, Brides and Bullets

This appeared in Country Weekly - August 25, 2008

We've all seen them performing on awards shows or in large concert venues where every little thing -- from the lights and audio to the magic in the air and the thunderous audience response -- is absolutely perfect. But rest assured, every country singer who's been in the business longer than a week-and-a-half also has a horror story or two to tell about nightmare gigs -- nights when absolutely nothing went right. Nights when they think, "I wonder if I can still get my job back at Wal-Mart." If you've ever regretted not taking your own stab at a performing career, read on. These are the stories that just might make you glad you didn't!

Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart played a honky tonk in Nacogdoches, Texas that was so rough, if patrons got out of line, the female bouncer would "beat the hell out of them," then chain them to a chainlink fence until the cops -- or an ambulance -- came to take them away!

By David Scarlett

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