Party Time: Marty Stuart

This appeared in the Fan Fair Special Issue - Country Weekly - July 9, 1996

Marty Stuart attracted more than 900 Marty-hearty fans--about 90 percent female--to the Opryland Hotel's Tennessee Ballroom. Many had been lining up for hours bearing red roses and other gifts. They were greeted by a classy spread of white-clothed tables underneath enormous crystal chandeliers, which made the fans' chips and salsa, corn bread rolls and pastries seem like shrimp and caviar.

The main dish, however, was Marty himself along with his Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy band. The crowd roared when Marty was introduced. "Good afternoon," he shouted. "Will someone turn down the lights; we'll have more fun in the dark."

His mother, sister and longtime Opry friend Connie Smith were also there as he ripped through his most popular hits from the past such as "Burn Me Down," "Paint The Town Tonight," and "Tempted." The hillbilly rocker also crooned several songs from his band new album, Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best.

Marty had fun talking to his fans between each song. And he shared his favorite 1996 Fan Fair story. "This one lady came up to me and said, 'You mean so much to our family. We've been trying to get my little grandbaby potty trained forever. Then he heard your music and it finally worked.' "

Writer unknown

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