Party Time: Marty Stuart

This appeared in Country Weekly - July 15, 1997

Marty Stuart puts the fans in the driver's seat for his fan club party. The veteran star corralled 300 devotees into the rustic Old Fashioned Smiley Hollow Hayride and Barndance Company in Ridgetop, Tennessee and handed them the reins.

"We're gonna do exactly what you want us to do and play exactly what you want to hear," he shouted. "This is your day! We're here for you."

Stoked by his Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys, Marty paraded his hits as the fans called them out in a full-blown concert which lasted more than an hour. Two country classics, "Long Black Veil" and "Wreck of the Old '97," were followed by the rollicking big hits "Hillbilly Rock," "Hey Baby," and "Tempted." The crowd cheered and swayed and rewarded him with thunderous applause.

The lovefest continued when several fans entered the stage bearing gifts. Marty's down-home appeal is even a hit Down Under. Tony Edgley and Sharon Clark trekked from their home in Hervey Bay, Australia to see their hero. Said Tony: "Marty's our favorite artist, and that is the best way to see him."

Writer unknown

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