Party Time For Fans - Fan Club Party

This appeared in Country Weekly - July 13, 1999

Marty Stuart took a page from Sonny and Cher and teamed up with a fan to highlight his annual Fan Fair bash. Marty and Tami Krato of St. Charles, MO, crooned "I Got You Babe." "I'm so embarrassed because I can't sing," Tami admitted at the rustic Smiley Hollow retreat outside Nashville, where 399 fans were present.

Tami wasn't Marty's only partner of the night. His wife, Connie Smith, chimed in for a couple of songs. She beamed when he called her the best singer in country music. "Well," she chuckled, "He's gotta live with me!"

Marty rocked his fan club party for four hours, playing everything from Buddy Holly tunes to material off his latest album, The Pilgrim. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes as he invited his mother, Hilda, onstage while he sang the album's title song, placing an arm around her and overcome by the emotion of the moment.

It wasn't only the presence of his mother and his wife, but also his extended family of fans. "I've got one of the world's largest families and I love theml" Marty said, holding back the tears.

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