Country Notes

This appeared in Country Weekly - July 13, 1999

"There's been a miracle in our band I want to share with you," Marty Stuart declares with a straight face. "People are coming from all over the world just to see it -- CNN, TNN, NNN, PNN and M&M's have all sent camera crews to cover it." The fuss, adds Marty, involves his Rock & Roll Cowboys' band member Gregg Stocki. "He ate a lobster at a truck stop in Kentucky," explains Marty, tongue planted firmly in cheek. "He went to bed on the bus and when he woke up the next morning in Pennsylvania, his hair had turned blond. And he started singing our new single, 'Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs,' in seven different languages. "That makes him the first drummer in the history of country music to experience miracle language and hair color at the same time."

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