Country Notes

This appeared in Country Weekly - May 11, 1999

Marty Stuart gives autographs -- and he gets 'em. "I'm one of the biggest fans country music has," Marty tells Country Weekly. "Every time a song comes on the radio, I hope I like it so I can be the singer's fan. And I've always collected autographs. I have about 300 -- everybody from Jimmie Rodgers to Garth Brooks.

"The first autograph I ever got was Minnie Pearl when I was 5 years old. She came through my hometown in Mississippi on a tour promoting a guy running for governor. She came into the bank where my mom worked. Of course, my mom knew I love country music, so she got me Minnie's autograph. Minnie spelled my name 'Martie.' "

* * * * *

Marty's wife, Grand Ole Opry songbird Connie Smith can really dish it out. Connie divulged more than just recipes when she served as the celebrity chef during a cooking demonstration at Nashville's Southern Women's Show. After providing tips on making her signature seven-layer salad, she fielded questions from the crowd.

"What is Marty's favorite dish?" an audience member asked. Without missing a beat, Connie laughed and answered, "I'd like to think I am!"

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