Trivia Quiz

This appeared in Country Weekly - April 27, 1999

1. What's his real first name?

a. Martin
b. John
c. Ray

2. Who was he named for?

a. Marty Robbins
b. his uncle Ray
c. John Wayne

3. Who hired him as a mandolinist at age 13?

a. Lester Flatt
b. Bill Monroe
c. Ralph Stanley

4. Who is famous former father-in-law?

a. Clint Eastwood
b. Willie Nelson
c. Johnny Cash

5. What was his first Top 40 hit in 1985?

a. "Arlene"
b. "All Because of You"
c. "Cry, Cry, Cry"

6. Which is considered to be his breakthrough album?

a. Tempted
b. Hillbilly Rock
c. Love and Luck

7. Who was his duet partner on two Top 10 singles in the early '90s?

a. Steve Wariner
b. Ricky Skaggs
c. Travis Tritt

8. When did he join the Grand Ole Opry?

a. 1985
b. 1989
c. 1992

9. He owns a large collection of country memorabilia including a tour bus once owned by:

a. Ernest Tubb
b. Hank Williams
c. Jimmie Rodgers

10. What award did he win at the 1999 Grammy awards show?

a. Country collaboration for "Same Old Train"
b. Country album for Tribute To Tradition
c. Best instrumental performance

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By Christine Reed

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