Country Notes

This appeared in Country Weekly - March 9, 1999

Watch closely in the new Woody Harrelson western, The Hi-Lo Country, and you'll see the final performance of legendary country singer Rose Maddox, who died last year.

Marty Stuart, who co-produced the movie's soundtrack, had a big hand in the casting. "I got a call from director Martin Scorsese. It was Thanksgiving two years ago. He said, 'I need an old lady whose face looks like she's really been there.' I said, 'Well, if you can get her, her name is Rose Maddox.'

"I got a hold of Rose and asked, 'Rose, do you feel like being a movie star?' She said, 'How much does it pay?'

"On the set, she was having a good time 'bossing' people around when they were doing her fingernails. It brought her to life.

"I saw the film the other night and there's Rose. That's the last thing she ever did in show business.

"So Rose got to go out as a movie star. I'm proud of that."

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