Big Wheels!

The Cars Country Stars Will Love Forever

This appeared in Country Weekly - March 5, 1996

Remember your favorite ride? The hot car you bought the day you turned 15? The new one you got when you landed that first big job? The secondhand pickup that turned 287,000 miles before it died?

Country stars are no different. Marty Stuart still mourns a magical tour bus.

The vehicle Marty Stuart most misses is a tour bus--but it wasn't your ordinary tour bus. This one had history. "It was Ernest Tubb's bus," Marty said. "I loved that machine. It was the last of the great hillbilly buses. Ernest and his Texas Troubadours rode mile after mile on it--the old man basically ended his career on it. You'd throw a deck of cards on the front table and they'd play a game all by themselves. It practically wrote songs."

Marty kept the bus as long as he could, but the time came when it was just too old to be trustworthy. "We finally wore it out," said Marty. "So to show my love and respect for it, the last thing I did was to shoot two holes right through the back room floor. It was a proper way to say goodbye--I put it out of its misery, like an old warhorse."

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