Marty Stuart Slows Down In New Video, 'That's What Love's About'

This appeared in Country Weekly - October 4, 1994

Marty Stuart looks the same--excruciatingly handsome in black sleeveless T-shirt and trademark faded denim jeans--but the pace is different as the usually up-tempo Marty temporarily takes it down a notch in his latest single and video release, "That's What Love's About."

"Last night driving home I felt like I hadn't done anything," Marty said of his first day of shooting, spent mostly sitting before the camera. "I didn't wiggle, shake, jump around or dance. It almost made me feel guilty. But sitting down is coming easier today."

The video for the third release from his current MCA album, Love And Luck, was shot in and around Nashville. "That's What Love's About" introduces a more introspective, emotional side of the man responsible for such hits as "Tempted," "Little Things" and "Kiss Me, I'm Gone."

"When country music fans endorse something, then I think it's something worth exploring," Marty told Country Weekly. "This song has always, from day one, garnered attention and registered in people's hearts the way "Hillbilly Rock" did people's feet.

During a break from the cameras, Marty explained the thoughts he poured into the song. "The story is: It's the end of the day when the lights are gone and the crowd is gone,He said, "It gets pretty lonesome. That's when you think about things you could've done, should've done, that would've made you not lonesome. So there I am sitting and thinking in places--airports, hotels, etc.--about my life," In his customary humorous style, he added,"They've got me emoting for two whole days. That and pouting a lot."

The pouting Marty is rare. "I'm a happy person," he said. "I try hard to be happy even when I write ballads. This song has a smile in it. I am also a serious person, but I'm not sure people want to see that--they want to be entertained."

Despite the hectic film schedule, Marty remained sensitive and poured his heart out into the lens. Off-camera, he easily changed back to his ever-gracious and always-funny self, hanging around to chat with crew members, telling stories.

During one break in shooting at Nashville's historic Hermitage Hotel, Marty stood alone in the lobby, strumming a historic guitar. "This guitar has a good pedigree," he said of the 1939 Martin. "It belonged first to Hank Sr then hank Jr then Johnny Cash and now me."

On the second day of taping, the lack of air conditioning in the Tennessee Preparatory School auditorium turned the site hot and stuffy, but it didn't suppress Marty. He leaped from the stool he'd been patiently sitting on for hours, grabbed his heart and cried, "I feel like Lorrie Morgan! I need to be singing 'Something In Red'!"

Although the song and video move away from what fans are used to, it is only a temporary junket. "Hopefully this record goes really big," he said. "The more I wrote, the more I get into the heart of the matter and realize I can talk this language very easily to country fans. They understand it. They understand life's little idiosyncrasies and problems."

By Shannon Parks

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