Marty Stuart Has A New Concept

This appeared in Country Weekly - January 5, 1999

Marty Stuart's hard at work on his next album and, by the looks of it, it's a doozy! "The project is called The Pilgrim and it's a concept record," he tells the Ottawa Sun. "I've been writing material for it for over two years. The storyline is a tragic love story with a happy ending set to the backdrop of country music style starting at A.P. Carter's front porch and landing out there at the mysterious edge of the 21st century.

"Along the way, we've had some amazing talent come into the studio to give us a hand. Pam Tillis, Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Earl Scruggs and that's where we are at this point." Aware that concept albums are rare these days, Marty expected his label, MCA, to laugh him out of the building when he presented them his plans, but they loved it.

"Just remember that Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger had 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain' and Pink Floyd's The Wall and 'comfortably Numb.' So I think when we get The Pilgrim out, people will find there are some commercial moments contained there. I'd say there are at least three songs that look to be ready for radio."

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