Marty Stuart And "That's What Love's About"

This appeared in Country Music USA - November 1994

Marty Stuart's new single "That's What Love's About" was released by MCA Records in September in conjunction with his first-ever video for a ballad. "With this single, we decided to let the fans influence the decision on the Love And Luck track they wanted," commented Stuart. The overwhelming response from the more than 8,000 Marty Stuart fan club members was" "That's What Love's About."

"That's What Love's About" is a contrast to the current problems we read about in the headlines every day--domestic violence, alienation and despair. "It is the most tender song I have ever written," said Stuart.

The John Lloyd Miller-directed video has a minimalist concept. It is about Stuart, this song and his performance of it. The editorial and photographic style are what makes this video unique. It is shot in 35 millimeter rather than the standard 16. Stuart's performance is stripped of any sort of stage theatrics; it is intensely personal and heartfelt.

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