Meeting Marty At The Fair

This appeared in Country Music Magazine - November/December 1996

THE RIGHT PLACE, THE RIGHT TIME--BUT NO CAMERA OR PEN! I've always heard stories of performers who are scheduled to appear at the annual Wisconsin State Fair taking in the sights during the day and fairgoers spotting them, but I never experienced it myself. That is, until his past August, when my husband and I were spending the day enjoying the fair before taking in the Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt "Double Trouble" show that evening.

We were exiting one of the buildings when I spotted a man who looked a lot like Marty Stuart standing across the way with a bicycle. Was it? It couldn't be! Sure enough, I wasn't crazy--it was him. Not only had I been dying to see him in concert, but meeting him in person was also high on my "to do" list. And here he was, taking the time out from riding his bike around the fair with some members of his band--I have no idea who--to talk to someone else who had noticed him. We walked over, shook his hand, and talked a bit about the show that night and told him that we appreciated the fact that he took some of his personal time for this chance meeting.

As I walked away, totally delirious and wondering what exactly I said to him, it hit me that I had no camera to record this momentous event, or even a pen for an autograph. I'm one to have my camera wherever I got and fully-stocked purse; but no, not this time. Everything was in the car. I did, however, have my camera for the show that evening and captured some great images from the second row.

Unfortunately, during Travis' set, the "chance" of rain that the weathermen were predicting became a reality. Because of the intense downpour, Travis had to cut the show short, despite his valiant efforts to keep it going. Therefore, the last set with Marty and Travis together didn't happen.

Marty, I just want to say "thanks" again. I'll always remember that day and what a great person you really are. Maybe next time I'll have my camera to prove to people that, yes, I met Marty Stuart. You keep making the music, and I'll keep listening.

Written by Paulette Biedenbender

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