Stuart Previews Concept LP

This appeared on's website - April 23, 1999

MCA Records invited a group of industry movers and shakers (Wednesday 4/21) to preview Marty Stuart’s new concept CD The Pilgrim. “One night while I was in California riding out an earthquake, it hit me that this story was more than a song,” Stuart explained. “It had the force of an opera, or in my case maybe, an Opry.”

The 20-cut CD portrays a tragic love triangle where two corners are guilty of nothing but love. This moving parable of loss and eventual redemption involves a suicide that triggers a long soulful journey. The tale is framed against rich acoustic, electric and orchestral colors.

Stuart debuted The Pilgrim on a Wednesday night in Nashville.

(L to R) MCA Chairman Bruce Hinton, Marty and MCA President and Executive Producer Tony Brown moments before Marty addressed the crowd to introduce The Pilgrim.

Marty debuts The Pilgrim on a Wednesday night in Nashville

Stuart’s Pilgrim represents a daring departure from current industry norms, which he downplayed by saying, “There are times when you follow your heart.” And Stuart’s heart is evident all over the songs which also feature guest cameos from icons such as George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Earl Scruggs and Johnny Cash.

Stuart himself described The Pilgrim as, “A rompin’, stompin’, ramblin’ journey that sails through the backdoor of 20th century country music and then flies out into the dark edge of the 21st century.

The first single from the project (the album is scheduled to be released June 15) will be “Red, Red Wine and Cheatin’ Songs.”

Written by David M. Ross

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