Marty Stuart To Release Gospel Album

This appeared on The Boot blog - March 13, 2014

Marty Stuart will release a new album of gospel songs next month. The Gospel Songs of Marty Stuart will be available on April 15, and include some of his most-beloved hymns and spiritual songs.

The Gospel Songs of Marty Stuart will be his second religious album. He previously released Souls’ Chapel in 2005. But while the majority of his albums have not been focused on his faith, he says it’s an integral part of who he is, both on and off the stage. He and his wife, Connie Smith, tell The Boot that the secret to their happy union is to “Make the Lord the center … and commit.”

The Mississippi native’s last album, Nashville, Volume 1: Tear the Woodpile Down, was released in 2012. The Grand Ole Opry member is releasing the new record as part of the Gaither Gospel Series. See a complete track listing below.

The Gospel Songs of Marty Stuart Track Listing:
1. 99-1/2 Won’t Do
2. There’s a Rainbow at the End of Every Storm
3.‘Don’t Leave Home Without Jesus (featuring Kenny Vaughan)
4. Just a Little Talk With Jesus
5. Greystone Chapel
6. The Master is Waiting (featuring Harry Stinson)
7. Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John)
8. His Love Will Lead Us On
9. Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill (featuring Connie Smith)
10.‘Pray the Power Down (featuring Paul Martin)
11. He Turned the Water Into Wine
12. The Unseen Hand
By Gayle Thompson

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