Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs

This appeared in Billboard Magazine - May 8, 1999

Marty Stuart has always occupied a unique niche in the country music community. He serves as a bridge between the genre's past and present. More than any other current artist, he has a sense of the music's roots and traditions (knowledge that no doubt comes from having left home to go on the road with his heroes while in his early teens). While he is a critic's darling, his role as country's missing link" has often proved a commercially difficult road. With this single, however--the first release from his concept album, The Pilgrim, due June 15--Stuart skillfully delivers a single that is a tribute to country's best traditions yet is also commercially accessible. Programmers should have no trouble playing this radio-friendly, uptempo tune. Stuart has never sounded better vocally, and his production is right on target. This should find a comfortable home on country playlists and should whet appetites for the albums.

Review by Chuck Taylor

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