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This appeared on's website on June 2, 1999

Dear Miss Hazel: Marty Stuart's new song "Red Red Wine" has gotten some very good reviews and was No. 1 on's SongPower Index. I heard TNN, CMT and GAC will not be showing the video. I have not heard of any radio stations playing his new single. I have been unable to find any information anywhere, even on the net, about why Marty Stuart's new single and video are not being aired. What's happened?
John A., Reno, Nevada

Dear John,
What happened is you heard wrong. The programmer of CMT/TNN tells me they have yet to receive a video for "Red Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs." Every radio station has the single and should be playing this marvelous song that's No. 50 on the Gavin report. Blame your radio station if it's not playing it. Call and find out why. Marty's album, his first in three years, is a fine concept record worthy of anybody's money.

Hazel Smith

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