McPhillips Street Station Casino - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on January 19, 2002

It was a cold, crisp evening in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. But about 400 people soon warmed up!! Mr. Marty Stuart and his super band took the stage at McPhillips Street Station Casino. The boys performed all of the super songs. Among them were; "Tempted", "The Whisky Ain't Working", "Hey, Baby", "Hillbilly Highway"' Little Things", Hillbilly Rock", just to name a few. Marty had the audience sing along with him to Johnny Cash's big hit "Ring of Fire". He told us we should have a few more drinks, and maybe we'd sound better! Everyone had a good laugh! Marty has a super personality, and a great sense of humor. When a female fan told him to take his jacket off, he looked at her and said "If you take your dress off". Marty asked us how we keep warm when it is so cold, a woman held up her beer and said "lots of antifreeze". Marty liked that one, and told us we must be professionals. Yes, we are. We can go from -40 degrees celcius in the winter to 30 degrees above in the summer, and live to tell about it!! Marty and the "boys" certainly gave us our money's worth! If Marty was cold when he walked on stage, I'm sure by the time he left, he was warmed up from the reception he received from the fans in Winnipeg. I've heard Winnipeg fans are the best, and I truly believe we are! Thanks for a great evening Marty! We love you! Oh, and PLEASE come back!!

By Debbie Hunter, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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