Winchester Speedway - Winchester, IN on September 10, 1999

Friday dawned clear, crisp and quite warm. Jamie and I were totally ready for this fix. It had been a long dry spell for us both. Our trip was uneventful and gave us plenty of time to catch up on what is going on with each other. We knew this was a bluegrass festival, but it was poorly advertised and we had no clue as to who would perform. When we pulled into the speedway there was a big sign:


Well it was more information then we had. We went in and were given a flyer with the list of performers: Beginning at 5:00 - Blue and Lonesome, Mountain Heart, J.D.Crowe, and Marty at 10:00 p.m. It is now 1:30 Indy time so can you say "long wait"?! We took our chairs up to the front row, of course, and sat next to Glenda and Clarence. It is always great to see them. After sitting so long you tend to get stiff so we watched their stuff and they watched our stuff when we needed to stretch our legs.

We watched as the guys set up and as Les did all his "sounds" that always amazes me. Spike looked over, said "hi," and then he said, "I thought you guys lived on the west coast?" We said, "No just travel to Sparks to see the shows." We asked if any were going to be scheduled out there again and he said not that he knows of. Randy came out and tuned up and said, "You ain't here early are ya?" Well you know you have to do what you have to do! Time was passing and the crowd was not increasing in size. If there were 200 there when Marty came out I would be surprised. We walked around a little and talked quite a while to Jimmy. He said there is a new white T-shirt on the way so we can look forward to that. I told him, "Good" 'cause I had everything else! About this time we ran into Cindy from Alabama, and Smally. Good to see them as well.

The show started at last. The first group was Blue and Lonesome. They were very good. The lead singer was really good. I think my favorite was Mountain Heart (other then Marty of course!) They had a fellow that played banjo who had no fingers, just his thumb on his left hand. Watching him play was truly a treat. They had a 20 year old fiddle player that just burnt it up as well. J.D. Crowe and the New South were next and they did some old bluegrass and gospel. The day was most enjoyable.

About this time we took a walk and, as we were coming back, the bus pulled in and turned right beside us. Marty was looking out the window, saw us and grinned. The boys started getting off the bus. We got hugs from Steve and Gary. Mike got off and looked over the "crowd" and said, "I need to get paid now!" I know that they must be disheartened when they see that. I know I was. But when no one knows its going on and there is no push to promote, well we all know what happens then don't we?

Finally it is time. Now even though the crowd is small, they were loud and very supportive, I most likely being the loudest! They were in their usual black, Marty had on the pants with the roses down the side and a black sweat shirt, I know he did not get hot. It had dropped to 50 degrees and our teeth were keeping time to the music! He did "High On A Mountain Top" and "Whiskey" and said "Now that's bluegrass ain't it?!" He didn't talk too much. "Blue Train," "Tempted," "Dark as a Dungeon," "Burn Me Down" followed and "Marty Stuart Visits the Moon" that brought em to their feet. He said " Let's hear it for my buddy J.D. Crowe!"

"Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain," "Red, Red Wine," "Hobo's Prayer" followed that and then "Long Black Veil" -- not a sound was made. The crickets were even quiet, Marty looked out at the crowd and just grinned that Marty grin. He does appreciate it when we listen. Then he and Brad flat picked "Rawhide." Gang, I am telling you, that alone is worth the trip. I dread "Hillbilly Rock" but alas it came. He thanked us for coming, "hope you had a great time," and was gone. Well we were not gonna sit still for that! He came back and did "The Pilgrim." I went to the edge of the stage and got what I hope is a good picture of just his hands playing the mandolin. The crowd was on their feet.

As Marty was going off stage, a fellow came up to him and brought him back to the mike and said to us "As you know at the Winchester Speedway, the winner always goes home with a trophy. Now we've had the "kid" (Gordon) and the "ole man" {Earnhart] and now we have, what do you think.....'Marvelous Marty?' Don't you think he is the winner tonight?" He gave him a huge trophy. Marty took it grinned and said " well all right!" He thanked us again, held his trophy up and walked off stage.

The Meet and Greet was held over by the bus so we headed that way. Mike was as usual getting it together, fan club members here, contest winners there. I had on my airbrushed shirt that I had to have redone (that's another story!) Mike said, " Wow that's a great shirt!" I said "Thanks" and Marty looked up, grinned, and said "yeah cool! How are ya?" I said "fine." He signed my shirt and "another" Pilgrim CD. I got my all important hug, told him he was, as always,"awesome." He said "bless your heart" and all too soon it is over......until next time...... Hope you all enjoy the show.

Review and photos by Sheila Walters, Waynesville, OH

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